Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Furman So Far

Hey Y'all! 

It feels it's been forever since I've posted {oh wait, that's because it has been} but I'm hoping to be better with posting these next few months! August was crazy for me with packing & moving to college. And now I'm here! Hooray! 

Here's a little recap of all the fun I've had so far, but there's more to come! Also, as promised, there will be a dorm tour coming very soon! But for now, here's a little sneak peek...

Move in day was super stressful but fun, and luckily I had my sweet roomie Kinsey by my side through it all. The first night we were there our RA told us to go out on our balcony at 11pm {I live on the 4th floor}. We were surprised by the boys' hall below us serenading us from the field downstairs! It was so sweet and made me feel very at home and welcomed here! It's funny to think back to then when I didn't recognize any of their faces, when now many of them are some of my best friends!

A few days later we had the White Oaks Picnic which is a Furman tradition for freshman. My hall went out for lunch with our brother hall and then we were taken to White Oaks {the estate where the Furman president lives} and given a tour! It was the perfect excuse to get dressed up...

The next weekend was finally our first football game! I had a blast tailgating. Go 'dins!

Before I even arrived on campus, I had already applied to be part of a student organization on campus called the Shucker Leadership Institute. It is a multi-year program which teaches leadership skills. I was very blessed to have been selected from over 80 applicants after going through an interview process that consisted of both group and individual components. I'm now a "shucker baby" {as they call us} along with the other 28 fab members that I've gotten so close to these past few weeks! This is one of the girls on my hall and I when we attended our acceptance brunch.

The second weekend on campus I cooked dinner for all my friends on my hall and our brother hall! It was so much fun and a great way to avoid the DH (dining hall) food for a night! I think there may be more taco nights in our future...

Those of you who have been following along for awhile now know all about my beloved fish Ophelia {if not, you can read more about her here!} sadly, about two weeks into school Ophelia died. The girls' on my hall and I had a mini-funeral, but I did go to Petco for a new fish! Meet Martha!

Two weekends ago my friends and I went to our first frat house party. We had such a great time, and have been to many more since then! Many Furman students complain that there isn't much to do here, and I'm sure that it's true compared to a state school, but I have had a really great time and I feel that it's the perfect fit for me! There seems to always be something to do, and there are just enough parties and events that I get to have lots of fun, while there's enough downtime that I can manage all of my work!

Last weekend was yet another Furman tradition, the MyTie event! It was a great excuse to get dressed up and although the evening wasn't quite what I imagined, I still had a great time with all of my friends. 

I hope y'all have been enjoying the start to your school year as well! I'd love to hear all about your experiences too! Things have been so crazy for me between schoolwork and all of my extracurricular stuff, so I'm hoping to keep posts coming for y'all as much as possible!