Thursday, November 21, 2013

A New Addition

Happy happy Thursday!

Just one more day until I'm on Thanksgiving break and CANNOT wait! I'm so excited for a little R & R... but who am I kidding? I'll probably be running around doing who knows what the whole time and return back to school even more exhausted than I left! Ha!

Today I am sharing something very exciting {for me at least!} The past few weeks we have been doing "Eco-Column" projects in my AP Environmental Science class, and when we finished them on Monday, the teacher offered to let people take home the 4 leftover fish! So... I got a new pet! Ha! It's a fancy little Beta fish. Of course I couldn't name it just any typical fish name... so the naming process began! I got the best suggestions from all my sweet Instagram friends for names, and my friends at school also had some hilarious ideas! Some of my fav suggestions were "Empress Wu," "Sir Archibald," "Lilly" {after Lilly Pulitzer}, "Kate" {after Kate Spade}, and lastly "Mr. Nibbles"! It was a tough choice with so many great options, but I finally decided on Ophelia! It's such a pretty name, and I will always remember when I got the fish because I just finished reading Hamlet in school {where I got the idea for the name}. 

So I know y'all are probably wondering...what does the fancy fish look like? Here are some photos! The tank makes a great addition to my nightstand! Isn't Ophelia just so darling? The tank lights up different LED colors... it is SO fun! 

I am so excited about having Opehlia as part of my home, and I hope she has a wonderful life in her new little fish bowl! 

That's all for now!

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