Friday, January 31, 2014

5 On Friday: Sweatshirts Are Superb!


How fun is this whole "five on friday" thing? I gotta say I'm loving it! So, so glad I started. Today I am sharing my most recent obsession: sweatshirts! Comfier than sweaters, but now cuter than they have ever been before! Until a few months ago, when I heard "sweatshirt" I thought of an athletic jacket with a sports team logo on it. Sweatshirts have come a long way! Now complete with lace, sparkles, fun prints, and so much more! Here are the five sweatshirts that I've got my eye on currently:

             The New Sweatshirt

Aren't they all just so beyond adorable? Who knew you could look so fab while being so comfy?! Click on the image, it will take you to polyvore so you can snatch up your faves!

Hope that y'all have a weekend as fabulous as you are!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Study Breaks Are The Bomb

I consider myself to be a very good student. I always do my homework, spend a lot of time preparing for tests, and I take great pride in my success. Like most people however, studying can be boring and monotonous. I have discovered that the best way to study effectively is to take breaks from time to time. Page break can be as short as 5 minutes, or as long as it takes to go to the gym! It is great to get yourself focused on something else for a little while so you can clear your head. Whenever I take a break, I do my work more effectively when I return. So, here are my tips and ideas for when to take a break & how to use it!

Study Break Ideas & Tips

Hope y'all keep up the hard work, have a great rest of your week! 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

An American Classic: Girl Scout Cookies

It's that time of year! I'm on my way into the grocery store, driving by the entrance of my neighborhood, and answering a doorbell... and everywhere I see cookies. The smiling and sweet faces of girl scouts are all over! Some people dread this time of year because they find it "annoying," but I truly love it! I think the idea behind it of teaching the young girls valuable lessons is very important, and on top of it all... those cookies are just soo yummy! I always try to limit myself to one box {ok, maybe two boxes} of cookies each year, but it's so hard not to resist more. I wish I could say that I had been a girl scout {I would've been such a good one!} but there wasn't a troop in my area when I was young. I still enjoyed the cookies just the same though!

                Favorite Girl Scout Cookies

I would say the "peanut butter patties" or "tagalongs" are my favorite by far, but I also always have to grab a box of samosas {for myself - love that coconut!} and a box of thin mints for my mom. Mom I know you're reading this and wondering where your box is... it's coming I swear!

Also on a side note, I wonder if they purposely start selling cookies right around the time everyone is just about out of willpower from their New Year's resolution diets? I have always made jokes about it, but if they did it that way strategically they are total marketing geniuses.

What are y'alls favorite varieties of girl scout cookies?

Monday, January 27, 2014

Current Obsession: Twist Scarf

Happy Monday Y'all!
It's probably pretty obvious by now that I am obsessed with anything that makes a statement. I'm not the girl who walks around in jeans, sneakers, and a white v-neck with her hair in a ponytail. I like things that sparkle, stand out, and get noticed.

For years I have been a fan of crazy things to put in my hair. Currently the private school that I attend requires that we wear a uniform and has strict rules about the other things we can wear {like socks - must be black, navy, or white - no prints allowed! boring...}, I love being able to still show my personality through my hair accessories. As you can imagine, I have an elaborate collection of headbands and hair bows, all of which I wear on a daily basis.

Via website

Most recently, I have stumbled upon the company! Oh boy have I fallen in love! Sparkles, confetti, loud & proud hair accessories, all for pretty decent prices. I recently ordered the metallic gold twist scarf and the gold shimmer headband. Both arrived and I was OBSESSED immediately. The twist scarf is my definite fav though!

Since I literally haven't taken my twist scarf off since I took it out of the box when it got delivered, I have been searching for some new ideas for how to tie it! I stumbled upon this lovely little video made by the company, which shows you some great options for how to style the twist scarf! The video is just too adorable, I really can't handle it.

So what are you waiting for? Go order some fab goodies from them asap! If you don't want to pay shipping, check your local Swoozies. The one near me carries many of their products.

Hope y'all have a fab week! You can bet I'll be rocking my twist scarf at school today!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Five On Friday: There's A First Time For Everything

Happy Friday Y'all! 
I am so super duper stinkin' excited. I have always loved reading other bloggers' posts on Fridays, because many do this fun thing called "Five on Friday." I have always loved the concept of ending the week talking about the 5 things that have been on your mind, agenda, shopping list, etc! Sooo I am very pleased to announce that I am going to be joining in on the fun! I have to give some credit to Fancy Ashley for inspiring this, because I always adore reading her five on friday posts! Three cheers for new traditions! Also thanks to The Good Life Blog for starting this whole thing up!


1. Le Pens
Via Instagram @kcpalmbeach
It's that time of year, when those that are graduating in the spring fall into the trap of the well-known "senioritis." In order to battle this and keep myself dedicated, I have been trying to make school work as fun as possible! I finally tried out the famous Le Pens that I always see so much about and I was instantly in LOVE! Writing in all kind of fab colors makes doing homework a little bit better. 

2. Birthday Party Prep

It's hard to believe I will be turning 18 in less than a month! I always love to plan a good party, spend times with friends, and having fun so of course I'll be having an 18th birthday soiree. I'm still working to find a day that works best for all of my ladies and I'm working to find the perfect activities to  celebrate my transition to adulthood.

3. Essie "A Cut Above" Polish
It's no secret that I am obsessed with Essie nail polishes, and when I discovered this new color I was in love. I think this color was made for me and will probably join "Bikini So Teeny" and "Lovie Dovie" as my all-time Essie favorites. 

4. Bringing Back The "LC Braid"
I can remember running around in Middle School sporting this hairstyle far too often! Although during my awkward-stage days I didn't rock it like LC herself, it was a great and easy way to add something extra to my look. Lately I have started wearing it, and I have fallen in love all over again! 

5. Spreading The Love
Many of you probably know that I am the editor of my school's newspaper, so I get to be part of all sorts of exciting activities! For our upcoming Valentine's issue we are letting the students write messages to the other students which will be printed in the paper. I gotta tell you, as the editor I am LOVING that I am the one who reads all of them... let me tell you, there is some love in the air! This photo is of my best friend and I collecting the messages at lunch, it was a blast!

That's all for now! Hope you have a fab weekend!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Media Monday: Trust & Prayer

Happy Monday!
Incase you missed my previous post, I will be posting some fab downloadable every few Mondays for y'all to use! This Monday, I am featuring an iPhone wallpaper. This quote is one that has been very close to my heart lately. Although I have already been accepted to a few colleges, I am waiting to hear back from more and I am full of nerves. I am just anxious about where I'll be next year, about the new friends I will be making, and everything in-between. I've found this quote to be so meaningful and encouraging lately with everything that has been going on in my life. I created this background and have loved having it on my phone as a reminder.

I hope that y'all will join me in my journey to trust God, and I hope that you'll download this background too! Have a wonderful rest of your week!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

DIY Pom Pom Sweater

I have been obsessing lately over "pom-pom-ing" just about everything! I saw the J. Crew factory pom pom sweater a few months ago and totally fell in love, but I was not a fan of the price tag. Plus, I love things to be colorful, so I wanted my pom pom sweater to be a bright color! So, today I am sharing how I made my very own pom pom sweater!

I grabbed the yellow sweater from Old Navy when they had a $10 sweater sale, and got the white pom poms from JoAnn Fabrics for $3. Then about an hour of love and voila! 

What You'll Need:

Sweater (Any kind will work!)
1 package of pom poms (I used 1/2 inch size)
Needle and thread
Sharpie marker

How To Do It:
1. Start out by laying out your sweater flat and placing the pom poms the way you want them to be once completed. You can use some sort of a measuring system to make them all a uniform pattern if you'd like, but I just placed them by sight. 

2. Use your sharpie to make a small dot where you placed each pom pom.

3. Thread your needle and begin sewing on the pom poms in the places indicated by the dots. You'll want to sew on the poms by holding it on the inside of the sweater and stitching it from the inside. 

4. Repeat step #3 until you've sewed on all of the pom poms!

And then, it will turn out something like this:

 Here's how I styled my pom pom sweater, with my navy puffer vest from Crystal Faye.

Hope y'all love the pom pom sweater and have lots of fun making one for yourselves!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Senior Photos Part Four

Wohoo! It's Friday! Hope y'all having been loving seeing my senior photos just as much as I've loved sharing them. It was such a sweet time taking photos with one of my longest friends {read more about the shoot here!} Also be sure to take a peek at part onepart two, and part three of the photos if you missed them earlier in the week!

So this part was the most fun of all. Adorable things like posing in gold chairs on the railroad tracks, blowing some confetti around, and hula hooping! Does it get much better? Some of these pictures are super super silly, but that just is all the better because it truly captures my personality!

All photography by Agnes Raese. 
I hope y'all love these like I do! Can't believe that I am a senior and just finished taking senior photos, where does all of the time go?? Fun things to come on the blog next week. Hope y'all have a fab weekend.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Senior Photos Part Three: Lilly Romper Meets The Beach

Hello! This week has been so super crazy. I feel like I have been running nonstop with school, work, and everything in-between. Due to the hectic schedule I am just now able to post today's section of my senior photos, so sorry for all of y'all that were waiting to see. In my original post I promised that I'd be sharing each day, so I am trying to stay true to my word {even if it's a tad bit late at night!}. If you didn't catch part one and part two of my photos yet, be sure to go check those out!

Today's post was all about this super-fab Lilly romper, and the beach. To be honest, even though I'm a Florida girl I don't go to the beach as often as some of y'all might expect, but I still love it! These photos felt like a perfect representation of my more laid-back side. I also ADORED the gold chair that my photographer had me posing with. How fab is that?

All photography by Agnes Raese.
Love how fun these all turned out. These definitely show more of my relaxed, carefree side! Hope y'all love and are excited for part four tomorrow. It's definitely my most favorite!
Romper: Lilly Pulitzer |  Tortoise Shell Link Necklace: Local Boutique 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Senior Photos Part Two: The Classic Tunic

As promised in my original post, I am continuing to share my senior photos this week! If you missed part one yesterday, make sure you go check it out. Today's section of the photos was all about being classic. In these photos I'm in some of Palm Beach's more well known and classic locations, so the perfect Palm Beach tunic was a necessity! Hope you enjoy!

Don't dare ask me to pick a fave because I can't! Photography by Agnes Raese.
See ya tomorrow for part 3... I can't wait!
Dress: Gretchen Scott Designs | Wedges: Lilly Pulitzer | Earrings: Sequin on Worth Avenue

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Senior Photos Part One: Lilly Pulitzer + Wellies

As promised in my post about my senior photos, here is part one of my senior pictures! This outfit was beyond perfect for the setting on Palm Beach and Clematis.

All photography by Agnes Raese.
Hope y'all love them like I do! I think for those of you that know me by know, you'd agree my personality really comes across in these pictures. Stay tuned for the next 3 sets of pictures coming this week... I can hardly wait to show y'all!

Dress: Lilly Pulitzer | Shell Necklace: Lilly Pulitzer | Rainboots: Hunter | Chevron Bracelets: Local Botique