Thursday, July 31, 2014

Don't Be Afraid To Get Dirty

I am all-about anything feminine, classy, or well-mannered. However, I think it is fantastic as a woman to be unperfect at times, and okay with that. The most perfect example in my life, would be fishing. I practically grew up on a boat, and my parents would likely agree that I am not really exaggerating. Before I could walk, I was spending long days on the boat watching my parents reel in fish. As I've grown up I too have learned to enjoy fishing. I recently took one of my closest friends fishing with me, and she commented afterward that she was surprised that the polished girl who Instagrams her outfits would ever be covered in blood and fish guts and not care. That I would reel in a huge fish all my myself,  but most of all touch it...and not mind one bit. 

Trust me, I'm a little surprised too. I still jump on a chair when I see a lizard running across the floor. I suppose I've just grown up with fishing though, so it all just seems so normal. I really hope that wherever I end up in life, I never take myself too seriously that I can't be out on a boat getting messy. 

From then till now... I thought that y'all would enjoy seeing some photos of me fishing over the years. Because as they say..."reel women fish too!"

PS- Hey dad, congrats on being the only man I've ever seen fishing in a polo shirt. You look great in these photos from the 90's! Haha

I caught that flying fish by myself... I had a barney fishing rod at the time and I totally rocked it.

Is there something that you love to do that most people wouldn't expect? I'd love to hear about it!

Hope y'all have enjoyed this "throwback thursday" of sorts!


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Before I Die...

It's not that uncommon these days for people to make bucket lists. Often, they are full of things like "go skydiving" or "visit Paris." There is something wonderful though about having "adventure goals" as I like to call them. It is so easy to get caught up in our everyday lives and become too focused on all of the things we have to get done that we begin to lose sight of the bigger things we want out of life. Which is exactly why I think that everyone should have a bucket list. 

You don't have to write it all at once. You don't even have to do everything, you really just should have it. I started mine about two years ago, and I keep it saved as a note on my phone. That way, if I find out about something I'd like to add, I can do it easily. My list is full of strange and random things, as well as others that are pretty normal. But most importantly, keep track of when you complete things. I write down the date as well as any other important info I'll want to remember. 

I wanted to share with y'all a few things from my bucket list, in hopes that you will start one too!

While those are only a few of the around 30 things on my bucket list... you get the idea. I really encourage all of you to start one however. I have already crossed off four things since I started it, but I aim to do about one per year as a minimum.

I hope that this inspires you to start your own bucket list & to start enjoying all that life has to offer you.

What else should I add to my list?


Friday, July 25, 2014

Mini Facelift

Happy Friday Y'all!

As you are reading this fancy post I am en-route to somewhere very exciting... stay tuned to my Instagram to see where I'm headed!

Yesterday the "bloggity blog" (as Fancy Ashley would say) got a mini-facelift! The "about me" section got updated and is a little more fab now. It's complete with new fonts, better image resolution,  and SPARKLES! Oh, how I love it.

Here's what the old looked like, and here's the fab/fancy/awesome new version!


I love changes especially pretty ones! I hope y'all love the new "mini-facelift" too!


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Orlando Trip Recap

If y'all follow me on Instagram then you know that I just recently got home from Orlando! Two of my best friends and I took a girls' road trip last week and spent 3 days enjoying all that the city has to offer. While it rained every single day which put a bit of a damper on our fun, we still managed to see and do SO much! Here's a little recap of all the fun that we had!

Day 1: Universal, Islands of Adventure, Harry Potter World

We started off our morning with a Brooklyn Water Bagels run {perfect beginning to any road trip!} and bumped into one of our old teachers and her husband which was so fun. Then we embarked on our 2.5 hour drive to Orlando! After arriving we went straight to Universal/Islands of Adventure's Harry Potter World! The day started off on a high {or should I say sugary?} note with a cup of the famous ButterBeer!

Unfortunately, the storms set in around lunchtime and it poured from then on! Luckily they only shut down the rides for a little while due to thunderstorms. The highlights of the day were definitely riding the Hulk in the pouring rain (which I must add, was very painful - having rain hit your face at 60 mph isn't exactly relaxing) & being allowed to ride Popeye endless times without ever getting off the ride because there was not another soul in line (the rain really clears people out!) This photo is fantastic and well captures our soaking-wet glory...we were a little soggy but still in great spirits and having TONS of fun!

One of the sweetest surprises was when we pulled out of the parking garage after leaving the park, we were greeted by this beautiful sunset! I have never seen a "double rainbow" or a rainbow that went the whole way across the sky, so both in one was truly breathtaking!

At Night: CityWalk

After showering and relaxing a bit from our day full of adventures, we headed back to Universal for dinner and exploring at Citywalk. We had a great dinner at Margaritaville {try the volcano nachos - they're awesome!} and then enjoyed yummy ice cream from Cold Stone! Since we didn't even eat dinner till around 10pm that night, we were definitely wiped out from our day full of activities and adrenaline! I'm amazed we all looked this good after a full day at the theme park!

Day 2: Ohana Breakfast at the Polynesian Resort & Magic Kingdom

Growing up one of my favorite things at Disney was always the character breakfasts, so of course we had to attend one while in Orlando! We went to the Ohana breakfast at the Polynesian Resort which was delish and very unique because it is served family style. My friends and I got to meet Pluto, Mickey Mouse, Lilo, and Stitch!

To be totally honest no matter how old I get I will never stop adoring all of the disney characters!

After breakfast we headed to everyone's favorite park... Magic Kingdom! Also you may have noticed in the first photo from the Ohana breakfast, but I made my friends and I matching tanks to wear to the Disney park! They were so comfy and we got TONS of compliments. Nothing like monogrammed Minnie Mouse ears!

We really had the most magical day despite the fact that it poured for the majority of our time at the park. We're all Floridians... we're used to the obnoxious rain!

Day 3: Downtown Disney

 The last day we had originally planned to go to Typhoon Lagoon, Disney's water park. But unfortunately when we woke up the weather report showed thunderstorms all day long. So instead, we spent the day exploring Downtown Disney! We did a little bowling at Splitsville {coolest bowling alley ever, by the way}, ate lunch at Rainforest Cafe, and even ended our day with some ice cream sundaes from the Ghirardelli store!

Overall we had a blast and I know that it was a trip that we will remember for years! Since we are all going to different states for college (TX, SC, & FL) these last moments together are even more special!


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Surprise - Part 2

Hip Hip Hooray! It's Tuesday!

I hope y'all enjoyed my video yesterday about all of my dorm decor, if you missed that post you can view it here. As promised, today is part 2 where I am chatting all about everything other than bedding & bath! Enjoy!

Here are links to many of the products mentioned in the video:

Monday, July 21, 2014


Hey Y'all! I have some very exciting news today!

For months I have been wanting to start making videos, because for some things that I want to share with y'all it is just so much easier to do that way. Finally, today is the day! I will be doing these videos fairly often from now on, and they will range from things like my most recent purchases, a funny story, or even answering questions that y'all might have!

Here are links to some of the items mentioned in the video:
1. Lilly Pulitzer Bedding via Garnet Hill
2. Felt Rose Shaped Pillow via Ebay
3. Gold Monogram Throw Pillow via Etsy
4. Green Coral Print EcoPillow via Hattan Home
5. White Ruffle Pillow Sham via Bed Bath & Beyond
6. Pink Polka Dot Sheet Set {similar}
7. Whale Pillow via Thro by Marlo Lorenz
8. Sequin Seahorse Pillow (similar) via Thro by Marlo Lorenz
9. Duvet via Amazon

Hope y'all have enjoyed! I really am so excited to begin this new chapter & start something new for my blog! Thank you for always being so sweet & supportive.
Part 2 will be up tomorrow and will include all kinds of fun decor!


Friday, July 18, 2014

Coffee Chats

Much like everyone else, I love coffee! I still am not the biggest fan of just plain coffee, but I love to drink lattes or cappuccinos or anything of that sort really! While I was in Europe I also fell in love with cafe mocha, which is basically chocolate flavored coffee {obviously it was made for me}. I have the Keurig Vue system which I LOVE because I can create beverages like these at home, it also helps to save money because I can keep my starbucks runs to a minimum.

Recently I have discovered and become obsessed with the brand "Barista Prima" which they  makes cups for the Vue system, the coffee tastes like something made by your fav barista but you get to make it yourself at home! Today I'm sharing a few of my favorites...

Coffee for KEURIG

1. Vanilla Latte {get it here}

2. Cafe Mocha {get it here}

3. Sweetened Cappuccino {get it here}

Hope y'all enjoy these yummy flavors! What are some of your favorite Vue or K-cup varieties that I should try?

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Television Talk

Happy Thursday Y'all!

I never watch TV... I just don't. It's not about the fact that I have something against it or that I purposely try to avoid watching it, I just have so many other things to do! I have been spending most of my summer at work or with friends. In my free time though, I love the beach. But when storms set in and I have to stay inside I typically choose to watch movies or read books. 

There are a few things that I do watch on TV however, and I thought that y'all would be interested to hear about it (because it is quite the eclectic mix of shows). 


With my family I watch both the "Colbert Report" on Comedy Central and "The Five" on Fox News. I like how both shows take a lighthearted approach to discussing the news, and I much prefer that to watching the real news! I actually really don't like watching the news at all because it always makes me feel very depressed or scared or all of the above! But the way that both of these shows discuss the topics is great for me because I can be aware of what is going on in the world without being weighed down by negativity! 


Right now I only watch these shows maybe twice a week and I just try to watch it if I happen to be home, or my family will watch a recorded episode during dinner at night sometimes! I'm sure that in college I will be pretty bad about keeping up with the shows since I won't be able to record it on my DVR anymore, but I will definitely make an effort to see each once a week!


The one show that I am truly obsessed with is the bachelor/bachelorette. I started watching back when Ben was the bachelor and I have been hooked ever since! I did not watch much of Juan Pablo or Desiree's seasons because I was not too fond of either of them, but I am loving Andi's season! Sean's and Emily's seasons were my favorites so far, I think mostly because I related so much with both of them! I definitely will be spending my Monday nights watching the show in college, and I've already met a few girls that will be going to Furman who are bachelor fans... maybe we will have to have a little viewing party on Mondays!

What are y'alls favorite TV shows?

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Ask My Best Friend

She's silly, weird, often busts a dance move for no reason, and has a Thor coffee mug {your welcome for beautifying your life with that Anthropologie mug!}. But, she's also one of the most honest, genuine, and caring people I have ever met. She inspires me every day to live my life for the Lord and to be a woman of virtue. She has dealt with me at my worst, but also is who I love to have fun with most. When we're together it's always full of lots of goofiness and I wonder how we are actually "adults" or "college students." We are most definitely opposites attract however, because her style and personality is much different than mine... but at the same time we agree on just about everything!

I thought that it would be fun for y'all to get to know me better through her! So, she has offered to do a post here on my blog answering any questions that y'all might have! You can ask anything from randomness like "what is your favorite color?" (those will be her favorite questions, promise), or serious like "what is your biggest fault?", or even questions about me! 

You're probably thinking... wow this sounds great, but how do I submit my question?? There are 3 ways!
1. Comment your question below in the comments section of this post
2. Comment your question on the photo of this post on my blog instagram page (@littlemissfloridaprep)
3. Email your question to

There is no limit on the number of questions submitted per person, but the deadline for question submission is next Wednesday (July 16).

Haily & I hope that y'all have tons of fun with this! (Because we will!)

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Europe Trip Recap

Hey there! 

It has been a crazy month in my life, and I am so excited to tell y'all about it! 

First things first, I am way overdue to tell y'all about my trip to Europe. If you read my post when I got back, you know that I got stuck in the Philadelphia airport for what seemed like days! But I really had an amazing time and it made me even more sure that I wanted to study abroad as much as possible in college. 

I thought that it would be best if I went through the three countries I visited, and tell y'all about a few of the places I went while showing you some of my favorite photos!

I missed the first day of the tour due to my delay in the airport, but after arriving we spent the day taking a cruise down the River Thames, which ended near the London Tower. We then took some time to explore the area around the London Tower and I even got to see the crown jewels which were amazing! If they ever need someone to take them off their hands... I will be first in line! Afterwards we ate at a delish French restaraunt where I had the most amazing duck ever. It was probably one of my favorite meals of all time!

The next morning we headed to Stratford Upon Avon which I LOVED! For those of y'all that don't know, it's actually Shakespeare's hometown. They had the most darling little shops and restaurants, and I just adored it! It was the perfect mix between charming stores and restaurants owned by locals, and more mainstream corporate stores. I found a Jack Wills store which I was super excited about and got an adorable pair of socks (similar) and a cosmetic bag (it's on sale!). Even though it was a tad pricey especially with the exchange rate, I have always wanted to own a few Jack Wills pieces of my own, and I knew that I would get a lot of use out of both the socks and the bag!

Next, we went to Grasmere, England which was one of my favorite spots of the trip! It was a very small, quaint town and I loved it! The whole town was very picturesque and looked like something off of a postcard.

My favorite stop of the entire trip was Edinburgh, Scotland. The entire city was fantastic and I honestly could see myself living there! The castle was my favorite spot, and I loved that it was on a hill in the middle of the city so that you could see it from nearly everywhere around town!

Next we traveled to Glasgow, Scotland. On the way there we went by the coast of Scotland which was amazing! I love this photo of my best friend & I overlooking the coast.

We went to Newgrange Farm which was just outside of Dublin, Irleand. If any of you are planning to visit Ireland I highly suggest that you visit the farm because it was a great experience and will be one of my most fond memories from the trip!

Unfortunately we didn't have very much free time in Dublin. The few things that I had time to see were amazing though, and I definitely want to go back when I will have more time to explore! I did find macarons while in the city though! Sadly they weren't as yummy as the macarons I get from my local french cafe.

The trip ended perfectly by going to a dinner theatre called "Taylor's Irish Night." It was an amazing way to spend our last night and it was so fun to see traditional Irish dancing and hear the music that has been played their for centuries! This photo is with my best friend Haily and one of our close friends Charlie, who made the best shopping/dining companion possible and put up with hours of our girl talk and didn't even complain!

I really hope y'all have gotten a glimpse of my trip and can understand how much fun I had! It has put a little bit of wanderlust in me that wasn't there before, and I definitely want to explore other places in Europe that I haven't been to yet!