Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Weekend Recap

Hey y'all! 
As you are reading this I am probably taking my AP Calculus exam, so if you think to say a little prayer for me it would be much appreciated!

As promised in yesterday's post, here is a recap of my weekend! It was my last weekend of high school and honestly, one of the best.

Every year there is a music and art festival where I live called Sunfest and it is so much fun! They always have a great lineup of artists, fun vendors selling tropical clothing, accessories, and housewares, and of course tons of art! They shut down the road that runs along the waterfront in West Palm Beach so it is the most beautiful location you could ever imagine. 

This year I went 3 out of the 5 days (a new personal record) and I had the best time! Thursday night I went after school with some friends and we saw Aer (I hadn't heard of them before, but they were so good! I highly recommend checking them out!), Sublime, Robin Thicke, and Sky Blue from LMFAO. All in all a great mix of music! Unfortunately I don't have any good photos of my outfit from that night but I wore a white ruffled tank from J.Crew with red shorts that had lace trim. My friends and I all had a sleepover after which was so fun to do on a school night!

On Friday night the only person I saw was J.Cole, and while I have never been the biggest fan of his I still had so much fun because about 20 friends from school all went and we hungout together and had a blast! The most interesting aspect of the evening by far was my clothing. It was entirely uncharacteristic for me but I fit right in with the sunfest crowd! After some encouragement {ok, maybe some intense persuasion} by my friends I ended up wearing ripped up denim shorts with a white tshirt and converse. Totally not my typical look, and I actually had to borrow the converse from a friend... further evidence that it's not the way I usually dress. But like I said, I fit right in at the festival so all was well!

Sunday was my favorite day by far. Ellie Goulding was playing at night and I have always loved her music. Somehow she sounded even better live than on the radio which is very unusual these days! I wore pineapple pom pom shorts which I loved and got tons of compliments on!

How cute are they?! Incase you missed it, I posted this photo on Instagram on Sunday.

Overall, it was a great way to spend my last weekend before high school is over and I know that the memories I made are ones that I'll cherish for years to come! Sometimes it is fun to do something you wouldn't typically do {like go to a music festival for 3 days} and even dress a bit different than you typically do. As long as you have fab friends by your side and you have lots of fun, it was not a wasted weekend for sure!

I hope y'all have a fab rest of your week!

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