Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Worth Your Time

Happy Tuesday Y'all!

I had the most amazing weekend {recap on the way tomorrow} and I am so excited but sad at the same time to be in my last week of high school! Friday is my last official day, but I have to go in for AP exams two days next week still. I'm glad to be finished with all the work but sad to be leaving the school I've called home for 14 years now.

I stumbled upon this video yesterday and frankly I found it to be dramatically changing as far as the way I think. Quite some time ago I was told by someone that I cared about that perhaps I'm missing out on life because I'm too caught up in my cell phone. I laughed and just thought they didn't understand because they did not use social media as much as I did. But then a few months after I began to realize that the moments I cherished most from life never included my cell phone or a computer or even a tv. They were moments that were just me with other people, being human. Being silly, being serious, being sad, being joyful, whatever it may have been... we were fully in the moment. That is something that doesn't occur too often nowadays thanks to social media and technology. Even private moments must be tweeted, posted, and shared. I am the first person to do this, I find myself tweeting something funny my dad says while at family dinner so that all my friends can laugh along. But I can't help but think of a time when the only people who laughed were those that were there, and it was somehow ok.

I have tried, especially during my senior year, to be in the moment. Social media and technology are fun and are a great way to connect when used properly, but they shouldn't be a major element of your life. I am always making a conscious effort to put my phone away while at dinner with someone and I avoid posting photos from an event until I'm home so I don't miss a single second of what there is to be experienced around me.

This video says a lot of that in a way that is very thought-provoking. Sometimes I wonder what my life would be like if I never missed something because I was talking on the phone or texting. How much better would my grades be and how many more friends would I have? Would I be a happier person, more successful in life? It's most definitely something to think about. I think it's important to enjoy technology as an element of your life which you are the owner of, rather than letting your smartphones and computers own you.

I hope that you enjoyed the video and that it made you think about how much of a presence technology may have in you life. I know it was a reminder I very much needed. With a week left of high school, and one summer left at home before college, I think my iPhone should perhaps stay in my pocket a bit more than usual. I'll still take photos and blog about my experiences, but I think that maybe people don't need to hear about every thought that runs through my head or every moment that I experience, some are meant to just be enjoyed at the time and in the moment.


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