Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Back to Blogging!

Hey Y'all!

I feel like it has been about a million years since I posted...oh wait, that's because it has been! I am so sorry for my absence and that's about to change! It has been over two months and so much has happened in my life!

As a high school senior, the big thing that has been on my heart lately has been college! I have finally finished {almost} all of my applications and I am so relived. After much prayer and talking to friends and family I have finally narrowed down my college choices. I think Vanderbilt, Furman, and Elon are my top choices currently, but who knows where my heart will be leading me come April! I also sent in applications to Rollins, Clemson, and Auburn. As an organizational-obsessor, it is so hard for me to put things in other people's hands - especially when my future is concerned. I am trying not to lose sleep or stress too much while I await responses from the schools, but it is so very hard for me. This verse has been really close to my heart lately, and it is found in Proverbs 16:9, "The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps."

Also since school has started I have been crazy blessed and crazy busy while being the editor of my school's newspaper. I really have been pouring my heart into this paper, and wow! It is really paying off. The school principal actually approached me and said that she believes it is the best paper we have ever produced! What an encouragement! We had a rocky start when the advisor left just before the beginning of school, leaving both me and the new advisor clueless about how anything was supposed to run! I have felt helpless at times but it is really coming together.

Homecoming week happened! It was so fabulously fun! Some of my best friends made it on to homecoming court and I loved watching them and listening to their speeches {how we do it at our school!} Two of my close friends actually mentioned me in their speeches which was so sweet, I totally loved it!

For "theme day" my class had Disney as a theme, so I of course dressed up as Minnie Mouse! It was so much fun!

Lastly, for powderpuff, I coached the boys' cheerleading and they were so great! They dressed up as lion cubs and were so hilarious! The seniors won both the football game and the cheerleading so it was such a great night overall!

I have also been doing lots of cheerleading, and as my last year {after 7 years!} its bittersweet and hard to believe it is almost over. As much as I am excited to have more free time, it is sad to have this part of my life come to a close! I have so many wonderful memories cheerleading and I am so happy that I did it for all of these years.

It has been a busy but amazing start to my senior year, and I can't wait for all the memories that have yet to come!

Expect many more posts coming this month! Three cheers for being "back to blogging"! Ha!


  1. awesome ! i'm also a high school senior, and boy is it stressful! Elon is on my list as well (:

    1. That's so great! I am touring Elon soon, so I hope I will like it! Good luck on your applications :)