Monday, December 9, 2013

Cupcakes Are A Food Group

Hope y'all are doing great today!

For those of you that know know that cupcakes and I are kind of in a relationship. For years I've loved making the adorable and tasty little treats, and I have in many ways become known for them around my high school! Here are some of my favorite past cupcake creations:

1. Nautical Cupcakes

I made these for a friend's nautical-themed sweet 16 about two years ago. They just had a simple buttercream frosting and white cake start, but the details of sailboats, shark fins, and life preservers really added a fun touch! 

2. Milk's Favorite Cookie

Oreos are always a fan favorite, and these oreo cookie cupcakes are no different! Every time I make them, everyone raves about how fantastic they are. The big secret... they are super easy! I made these over the summer for a school retreat, and they were a big hit as usual!

3. PayDay Cupcakes

If y'all have never heard of the "PayDay" candy bar, it's a fab combo of peanut butter and salted carmel. These cupcakes did not fall short of their namesake! I made them in September for my school's Boutique and Trunk Show where the cupcakes were part of the second annual bake shop. 

4. Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes

What is a girl to do when her fab friend's birthday is on Halloween? Make her some fall-themed cupcakes of course! These pumpkin spice cupcakes had real pumpkin pie filling inside, and had a yummy nutmeg-spiced buttercream on top. The little candy pumpkins added such an adorable touch too!

More Inspiration

Do you love what you see? I always get my cupcake inspiration from either my Pinterest Cupcake Board or from the book I recently got as a gift "500 Cupcakes." No matter what, I believe anyone's reason for baking should be for the love of doing it & to enjoy the tasty results. Not everything I've ever made has been beautiful or delicious, but the joy I gain while doing it is what keeps me coming back for more! I hope y'all use this as inspiration to get baking, it's really such a great way to spend a little "you-time"!


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