Sunday, December 22, 2013

Joy In Simplicity

3 days until Christmas... I repeat, 3 days until Christmas!
I am so excited, I just love the holidays and everything about them! I especially love being on Christmas break though. With no school, I have time to focus on the things that I love! I recently decided to spruce up the top of this mini bookshelf in my bedroom, and knew that gold was the way to go!

I started out by purchasing the frame from TJ Maxx, it was only $7! Then, I began to consider what I wanted to put in it. I immediately thought of this great quote by Coco Chanel! So I created the graphic on the iPhone app, A Beautiful Mess, and then send it to my computer and printed it out! The graphic looked great with the frame! I love how it turned out, because I have definitely been all about the gold, black, and white lately!

I made the glitter mason jar earlier this week (DIY coming soon) and thought it paired perfectly with the frame. While at whole foods with my mother I saw these peonies, my favorite flowers, and knew that they were exactly what I needed to complete the look! So ta-da! A very fancy makeover!

The flowers looked so beautiful yesterday when they were in full bloom!

Hope y'all are having a great Christmas holiday!

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