Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving Break, Part 2

Happy Tuesday! Yesterday I had to go back to school, so depressing! My break was far too much fun and I really hoped that it would never stop! If you missed the first part of my adventures, be sure to check it out here!

Day Five: Wednesday 

I always act like I can run around fueled by sugar and spice and everything nice but in reality I need to take a break sometimes, ha! Anywho, today was one of those great days when I cleaned and caught up on my tivo. I went to work later that night, so no worries I didn't lay around all day long! It was so wonderful outside that I had no choice but to open up the window in my bedroom. The fresh air and breeze were much needed!

Day Six: Thursday {aka - "Fatsgiving"}

Three of my favorite things? Food. Get-togethers. New words. Thus, "Fatsgiving" is born! In all seriousness, I truly do love Thanksgiving and the whole purpose behind it. I think in today's society we focus 90% of our attention on what we don't have instead of the many blessings were already are surrounded by. That was obvious by the fact that people couldn't even be thankful for one full day... black Friday sales started on Thanksgiving this year! Anywho, I loved getting to spend time with my family, and my mom cooked... so it was amazing, obviously. We also took our Christmas card pictures! Here is a sneak peek {post soon to come about these!}

Day Seven: Friday

Most of my family spent the night after Thanksgiving so in the morning and afternoon we all spent some more time with each other and then said our goodbyes! No fear, the excitement doesn't stop here! I saw the Rockettes at night! Yes, those Rockettes. They came to my local theatre, the Kravis Center, so of course I had to go go go! Since it was the Christmas spectacular I wore sparkles of course, but I'm sure you already had guessed that. We sat second row which had its perks and downsides. Whenever the fog machine came on we got blasted! That made for interesting scene transitions. It was amazing to be so close though, I felt like I could've climbed on stage and jumped right into their kick line!

Day Eight: Saturday

So today I had to do this gross thing called my "homework" that my teachers had assigned. How was I supposed to fully give thanks while under the stresses of schoolwork? Ok, I'm kidding! But it definitely didn't make for a fun day. I almost left this day out completely but I figured y'all would wonder why it skipped from Day Seven to Nine! Ha! But wait... there's more! When I went to work tonight I got all decked out in my Auburn bow and navy and orange Lilly dress. The game was on at work and I was having an absolute panic attack! When Auburn won in the last second the restaurant went wild {as did I} and I was so proud to be sporting my Auburn colors! What can I say... WAR EAGLE!

Day Nine: Sunday

Such a sad day. Back to school tomorrow! I slept in for one last sweet time, then headed over to my friend's house. We ran a few errands and had a late lunch at the always delish California Pizza Kitchen. Then we came home, relaxed, ate milk and cookies, and drifted off to sleep {knowing that school was inevitable and we might as well have our beauty sleep}.

Back to the Usual!

Did you really think I'd go out without a bang? We had to get Starbucks on the way to school of course! And it was semi-cold so scarves were a must! {It actually wasn't that cold, we just wanted to wear scarves!}

I hope you all had a wonderful, restful, and blessed Thanksgiving holiday!

This was a continuation of the post "Turkey Time Adventures, Part One."

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