Thursday, July 31, 2014

Don't Be Afraid To Get Dirty

I am all-about anything feminine, classy, or well-mannered. However, I think it is fantastic as a woman to be unperfect at times, and okay with that. The most perfect example in my life, would be fishing. I practically grew up on a boat, and my parents would likely agree that I am not really exaggerating. Before I could walk, I was spending long days on the boat watching my parents reel in fish. As I've grown up I too have learned to enjoy fishing. I recently took one of my closest friends fishing with me, and she commented afterward that she was surprised that the polished girl who Instagrams her outfits would ever be covered in blood and fish guts and not care. That I would reel in a huge fish all my myself,  but most of all touch it...and not mind one bit. 

Trust me, I'm a little surprised too. I still jump on a chair when I see a lizard running across the floor. I suppose I've just grown up with fishing though, so it all just seems so normal. I really hope that wherever I end up in life, I never take myself too seriously that I can't be out on a boat getting messy. 

From then till now... I thought that y'all would enjoy seeing some photos of me fishing over the years. Because as they say..."reel women fish too!"

PS- Hey dad, congrats on being the only man I've ever seen fishing in a polo shirt. You look great in these photos from the 90's! Haha

I caught that flying fish by myself... I had a barney fishing rod at the time and I totally rocked it.

Is there something that you love to do that most people wouldn't expect? I'd love to hear about it!

Hope y'all have enjoyed this "throwback thursday" of sorts!


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