Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Europe Trip Recap

Hey there! 

It has been a crazy month in my life, and I am so excited to tell y'all about it! 

First things first, I am way overdue to tell y'all about my trip to Europe. If you read my post when I got back, you know that I got stuck in the Philadelphia airport for what seemed like days! But I really had an amazing time and it made me even more sure that I wanted to study abroad as much as possible in college. 

I thought that it would be best if I went through the three countries I visited, and tell y'all about a few of the places I went while showing you some of my favorite photos!

I missed the first day of the tour due to my delay in the airport, but after arriving we spent the day taking a cruise down the River Thames, which ended near the London Tower. We then took some time to explore the area around the London Tower and I even got to see the crown jewels which were amazing! If they ever need someone to take them off their hands... I will be first in line! Afterwards we ate at a delish French restaraunt where I had the most amazing duck ever. It was probably one of my favorite meals of all time!

The next morning we headed to Stratford Upon Avon which I LOVED! For those of y'all that don't know, it's actually Shakespeare's hometown. They had the most darling little shops and restaurants, and I just adored it! It was the perfect mix between charming stores and restaurants owned by locals, and more mainstream corporate stores. I found a Jack Wills store which I was super excited about and got an adorable pair of socks (similar) and a cosmetic bag (it's on sale!). Even though it was a tad pricey especially with the exchange rate, I have always wanted to own a few Jack Wills pieces of my own, and I knew that I would get a lot of use out of both the socks and the bag!

Next, we went to Grasmere, England which was one of my favorite spots of the trip! It was a very small, quaint town and I loved it! The whole town was very picturesque and looked like something off of a postcard.

My favorite stop of the entire trip was Edinburgh, Scotland. The entire city was fantastic and I honestly could see myself living there! The castle was my favorite spot, and I loved that it was on a hill in the middle of the city so that you could see it from nearly everywhere around town!

Next we traveled to Glasgow, Scotland. On the way there we went by the coast of Scotland which was amazing! I love this photo of my best friend & I overlooking the coast.

We went to Newgrange Farm which was just outside of Dublin, Irleand. If any of you are planning to visit Ireland I highly suggest that you visit the farm because it was a great experience and will be one of my most fond memories from the trip!

Unfortunately we didn't have very much free time in Dublin. The few things that I had time to see were amazing though, and I definitely want to go back when I will have more time to explore! I did find macarons while in the city though! Sadly they weren't as yummy as the macarons I get from my local french cafe.

The trip ended perfectly by going to a dinner theatre called "Taylor's Irish Night." It was an amazing way to spend our last night and it was so fun to see traditional Irish dancing and hear the music that has been played their for centuries! This photo is with my best friend Haily and one of our close friends Charlie, who made the best shopping/dining companion possible and put up with hours of our girl talk and didn't even complain!

I really hope y'all have gotten a glimpse of my trip and can understand how much fun I had! It has put a little bit of wanderlust in me that wasn't there before, and I definitely want to explore other places in Europe that I haven't been to yet!


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