Friday, July 18, 2014

Coffee Chats

Much like everyone else, I love coffee! I still am not the biggest fan of just plain coffee, but I love to drink lattes or cappuccinos or anything of that sort really! While I was in Europe I also fell in love with cafe mocha, which is basically chocolate flavored coffee {obviously it was made for me}. I have the Keurig Vue system which I LOVE because I can create beverages like these at home, it also helps to save money because I can keep my starbucks runs to a minimum.

Recently I have discovered and become obsessed with the brand "Barista Prima" which they  makes cups for the Vue system, the coffee tastes like something made by your fav barista but you get to make it yourself at home! Today I'm sharing a few of my favorites...

Coffee for KEURIG

1. Vanilla Latte {get it here}

2. Cafe Mocha {get it here}

3. Sweetened Cappuccino {get it here}

Hope y'all enjoy these yummy flavors! What are some of your favorite Vue or K-cup varieties that I should try?

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