Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Turkey Time Adventures, Part One

Happy Hump Day!
I am having such a wonderful, relaxing, and much needed Thanksgiving Break. So nine days of no school, I am amazed I'm not already going through withdrawals... yeah right! Anywho, here is the official recap of all the excitement that ensued!

Day One: Saturday

I headed to my friend's house and we had lunch at a local place on Palm Beach, The Bath and Tennis Club, then headed to Jupiter to go to Blowing Rocks Nature Preserve. That was just far too fab! If any of y'all are Florida natives and have never been, you must go! If you are planning a trip, you can thank me later for sending you there. Just make sure it is a windy day and it is high tide, and you're good to go!

Afterwards, we went home and cleaned up to head out to her aunt's house for dinner. Afterwards, we went to the Melting Pot for fondue dessert. I know that you're jealous, but that's ok, it's a normal reaction. Then of course we had a sleepover, because we are high school girls what else did you expect? Although I'm pretty sure I'm still going to have sleepovers as a 90-year-old woman, because they're too fun not to!

Day Two: Sunday

Two words: French Macarons. I headed over to Publix, picked up ingredients for some macarons and my favorite French lemonade, Lorina. Once home, I embarked on my journey. Let's just say my macarons didn't look like the ones on the Kate Spade ads or the ones that are sold in French bakeries. Oh well, I'm a first timer!

Day Three: Monday

What a much needed shopping day! My momma and I tackled the mall and target. I've been really freaking out lately because I know that I will be going to college somewhere above Georgia, so as a Florida girl sweaters are kind of a foreign concept. "You mean I can't wear Lilly shorts in December?" As you can tell, I needed some help. So I have slowly begun getting used to the whole cold-weather thing. Pants, sweaters, vests, oh my! Although I'm not used to it, I'm having a blast shopping for it! So in my shopping travels I managed to snag several more sweaters. Now I think I only have three others on my wish list and I will have enough sweaters for college {or at least I think so...} This is the sweater collection as it stands, I'm getting there. Florida girl is learning.

I also finally got one of those adorable Alice & Olivia for Starbucks coffee mugs. Tutu and bow tie... what can I say? It was made for me.

Day Four: Tuesday

It was finally a little chilly outside, so of course I had to go for a "fall in Florida" outfit.

Sweater: Jennifer Lopez for Khols
Boots: Hunter
Jewelry: Michael Kors watch & Kate Spade bangle

Today was all about Christmas shopping! I had a list of people to shop for, and honestly no clue what to get any of them. A friend of mine was stuck in the same problem, so we decided to tackle the issue together. 6 hours later... we actually found something for EVERYONE on our lists! I am so proud. So then we returned home to wrap presents while eating Godiva truffles and listening to the Michael Buble Christmas cd. What a fab afternoon it was! Then, we grabbed dinner at one of my favorite local restaurants, Ke'e Grille in Juno Beach. Here I am gift wrapping, the holidays are so fun!

Stay tuned for the rest of the happenings on my break! What are y'all up to this week?

This is the first part in my Thanksgiving break recap, the continuation is "Thanksgiving Break, Part 2."

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