Monday, November 4, 2013

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things...

Hello, happiest of Mondays to you! I hope that y'all had a fantastic weekend! 

Today I am sharing a few of my favorite things that make being at home all the more lovely, and that just make me happy overall. I love to embrace the little things that can bring joy. So without further adieu, here are some of my most fabulous and favorite things...

1. Victoria's Secret Kimono

When I tell you that this is one of my aboslute favorite things, I am 100% serious. My mom is always making fun of me because I will literally walk around the house in it for two hours after a shower. It is also so great to throw on while getting ready because you can do your hair & makeup and you won't mess it up after {like when you have a tshirt on and have to pull it off}. Comfy doesn't begin to describe it, and honestly it is one of the best purchases I've ever made. While the current color is slightly different than what I have {pink stripe}, it is still just as fab! I also LOVE the cheetah print option as well. You can purchase it here.

2. Essie Good To Go Topcoat

I have a love-hate realtionship with paying to get my nails done. I love being pampered, but paying $20-$30 and seeing it start chipping two days later is just so frustrating. And gel is no better, because you have to pay to get it taken off later when some nails start chipping but others do not. So really for me, I think painting my nails at home is ideal. The major issue with it though is that I always seem to mess up my nails before they are dry. I have even tried setting a timer for 20 minutes and sitting still to let them dry, but they somehow get messed up despite my efforts. So to say the least I get frustrated while doing my nails myself. Recently though, I've found a solution. With this Essie topcoat my nails are perfectly dry in like 5 minutes. I'm not kidding. I just love the way it also makes the polish last longer too. It seems to chip less quickly and just look so great on! 

Ok. When I tell you that I am obsessed, I can't say it enough. They are so comfy and cozy and I adore them. Pullovers are definitely my favorite things to wear around the house if I'm ever chilly. The Patagonia is great for around the house or for when it is chilly, but the vineyard vines pullover is comfy for almost all the time. The Patagonia pullover I have is the Re-Tool Snap-T Pullover, and the Vineyard Vines style is the shep shirt.

4. Lilly Pulitzer Tumbler

These really are THE BEST! Versatile is an understatement. I take one to school in the morning with my breakfast smoothie in it, around the house I always have one with me full of sweet tea or water, and at the gym it is perfect for when I'm on the elliptical because I can just sip out of the straw and I don't have to keep unscrewing a water bottle. I love it to have in the car too because I try to avoid using plastic water bottles, due to the fact that in the Florida heat, they can release toxic chemicals when left in the car. These water bottles are constructed well, so I can leave my water in the car without having to worry about drinking it later. When it comes to these, one is definitely not enough.

On a side note, I tend to have an issue with the straws breaking in half {don't ask me how it just does}. I always used to stress about it and I'd have to use the one straw I had left on all of my tumblers. Luckily, I found that you can buy the straws in bulk on ebay! My mom and I bought a pack of 8 {it comes with all different colors, so that's a fun plus!} and now I don't have to worry about breaking straws anymore! If you share in this struggle with me, I would defintely suggest buying extra straws from ebay!

5. I'm Told They're Called "Emijays"

So I have no idea what I'm supposed to call these fab little hair ties. I typically end up calling them "hair tie thingys"! Ha! But some people have told me that they are supposed to be called Emijays? Anyways, I have developed a serious love for these. I like that they look much cuter on your wrist than traditonal hair ties, and I love that they don't dent your hair either! Its just fantastic. So I would highly suggest trying these if you haven't yet!

I hope y'all have loved my favorites list! What are your favorites?

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