Friday, November 29, 2013

Dear Santa...

Happy Black Friday! To all of you going out shopping, good luck! Fortunately I got
ALL of my Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving this year, so I was able
to relax and have fun today!

Every year, I send my mom {as well as other people who ask what I would like for Christmas} my list of wishes. My mom & I still joke around and say that it comes
from santa...she actually still writes "from santa" on the tags of many gifts under
the tree. This year, I am keeping my future college in mind, as I need to begin to
prepare my wardrobe to be reorganized downsized immensely and adapted for
winter conditions!

So without further adieu, the Christmas wish list of moi...

           Christmas Wishlist - Blog

I would explain each individual thing, but I think it's pretty obvious why I'm
obsessed. But I will chat more about the 3 items I am most excited for!

1. David Yurman Cable Bracelet: 

This is my first Yurman piece ever! I completely adore it but at the same time I fear
this may be the beginning of an obsession. Oh well!

2. Patagonia Vest: 

I know that I will be going to college in either Alabama, South Carolina, North
Carolina, or Tennessee so I will need cold weather clothing {a foreign concept to a
FL girl like myself!} This patagonia vest is so versatile, I can already tell that it will
be a fall and winter staple.

3. Lululemon Wunder Under Leggings: 

Once again, I'm adjusting to the idea that in December I'm not going to be able to
walk around campus in my nike shorts when I am at college. So, I thought it was a
good idea to invest in some great leggings. I have lots of regular cotton leggings at
home, but I have heard such good things about the Lululemon version! After trying
them on in the store, I fell in love...

What is on y'alls Christmas lists? I hope some very cute {and preppy} things make
their way under your tree this December!

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