Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Breathing Easy {Literally}

This is going to be a rather strange post, I know that, but I felt that I should share anyways!

Over the past few months I have been suffering from the worst allergies of my entire life. I think that I possibly sneeze 500 times a day. For a long time I couldn't pinpoint what was causing it until I spent three days at my friend's house that is insanely clean. I realized in the middle of my stay that I had not sneezed once. My home is also very clean, and my mom does a great job with it but I knew that something had to be in the air {literally}. So I researched it on the internet and decided that an air purifier/ionzier was the way to go. I purchased a rather cheap one from Walmart online just because I was very unsure about the whole thing.

             Air Purifier Review

I am completely blown away. I can actually feel that the air is cleaner. I feel like I can take deeper breaths and I swear that I have been sleeping better at night too. But the biggest bonus of all is that I hardly ever sneeze anymore. I am glad to report also that it is small enough that it will be coming to college with me. I am saying "you're welcome" in advance to my future roomie for providing her with cleaner air.

If any of you are interested in the air purifier I purchased, you can find it here. This one is very small and only purifies a small area {I keep it on my bedside table, but move it to different places in my room from time to time} but I think it does the job well! Another added bonus is that is has two functions - "turbo" for when you really need to get something yucky out of the air, and "whisper" which you can barely hear and can be left on all of the time unnoticed.

I hope that none of you are suffering from the allergies that I was, but if you are be sure to try out this great product or one that is similar!


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