Monday, March 24, 2014

Things To Do In Palm Beach Part 3: Activities

I hope that y'all have been enjoying my posts about my favorite places to eat and shop in Palm Beach. If you missed the first two posts in this series, you can find the post about restaurants here and the post about shopping spots here.

Today I am continuing my series with the third and final part: activities and adventures that I love to go on and you will too!

Tour Flagler Mansion
The Flagler museum has something for everyone. Tons of history for all my history nerds out there, to-die-for decorating for any home decor obsessors, and the ultimate Palm Beach story for anyone who just adores the classic Palm Beach lifestyle. After your tour be sure to explore the giant tree next to the mansion, a favorite spot of mine, as well as the beautiful flowers and fountain behind the Royal Poinciana Church {where I swear I'll get married someday}. It is a lovely afternoon that is both enchanting and educational! Flager Mansion is on Palm Beach Island.

Walk Around Worth Avenue
While the majority of the items are out of budget, it is so much fun to just look around anyways! Island company, Sequin, Alex & Ani, and Roberta Roller Rabit are some of the spots that I actually buy things from at times. You'll have a great time just enjoying it all though and it is a key spot on Palm Beach. Be sure to walk down all of the vias {little side streets that are in between shops}. 

Visit Blowing Rocks Preserve
Blowing Rocks is in Jupiter is and so much fun! To get the full effect, go at high tide and it's even better on a windy day. If you combine the high tide with the rougher seas, the water literally shoots out of holes in the rocks like mini volcanoes! It is SO cool!

Climb the Jupiter Lighthouse
Also in Jupiter, climbing the lighthouse is a fun way to spend an afternoon or morning! You get a great view from the top and you learn some Florida history in addition.

Explore the Breakers Hotel
It is truly breathtaking to see the inside of the Breakers Hotel. The lobby is literally jaw dropping, and driving in the main entrance you'll honestly feel like you are in a movie. Either have dinner or drinks at one of their restaurants or explore their shops. I have never been to HMF in the breakers but I have heard that it is a unique and unbeatable spot to have cocktails! If you can stay at the Breakers while you're here, that's even better, and I'm jealous.

Visit Cityplace
Cityplace is a great place to go at night and I haven't seen anything like it in my travels around the US. After returning from Spain two summers ago I felt that it is similar to the plazas that many of the major towns have over there, if any of you are familiar with that. Cityplace is in West Palm Beach but is just over the bridge from Palm Beach island for those of you staying there. They have live entertainment on weekends, and also feature shopping, a movie theatre, and restaurants. A favorite of mine is when they have snow nights around the holidays so Floridians can have a fake "white Christmas."

Walk, Bike, or Run on the Lake Trail
The Lake Trail runs along the west side of Palm Beach Island and is extremely beautiful. I have gone on countless bike rides along the trail but walking or running would be lots of fun too! You get a great look at some beautiful homes in a way that you cannot see from the street. As an added plus, you also get a great view of the West Palm Beach waterfront which is rather picturesque.

Overall, I hope that whether you are a local or you are visiting you grow to love my hometown as much as I do! There are so many unique things to do that I don't think I even covered it all here! Happy travels and feel free to ask me any questions you may have, I would love to hear form you!


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