Sunday, March 23, 2014

Things To Do In Palm Beach Part 2: Shopping

Today I am continuing my series about my favorite spots in Palm Beach! If you missed the first post about restaurants be sure to go check it out here!

Also a very important part of any trip to Florida - the shopping! 

C. Orrico and Lilly Pulitzer
These are classics for the "Palm Beach Style" that so many people love. C.Orrico is a locally-started boutique and the stores closest to this area are in Cityplace and on Palm Beach Island. The store in Cityplace has more of the sale items, while the store on Palm Beach carries a bit of everything! If you want to stop by a Lilly Pulitzer store, the shop at the Gardens Mall is unbeatable. I highly suggest making a little trip because the Gardens Mall is a beautiful mall, I feel so spoiled to live 15 minutes away from it!

This brand has more recently begun selling some of their items at Nordstrom, but their Nordstrom line doesn't begin to compare to their stores. There are two shops on Palm Beach, one on Worth Avenue which tends to have more high end items and one on South County Road next to C.Orrico which tends to have more "beachy" items. If you walk into the Worth Ave store you'll nearly die of a heart attack caused by joy when you see their amazing selection of bangles!

Groovy Palm Beach Vintage
This place is SO MUCH FUN. I really don't go there enough. The owner, EJ, is hilarious and will potentially be the highlight of any trip. He hand-selects unique vintage items and his store is stuffed with amazing finds. His section of vintage Pucci items is truly unbeatable, and rumor has it that the Lilly Pulitzer design team buys vintage Lilly from him as inspiration for their new lines. The store is located on Palm Beach Island. I suggest calling before you go, because the posted hours are not always accurate.

West Palm Beach Green Market
This is a bit more of an activity, but it can count as shopping too - ha! This green market has a wonderful selection of yummy foods and wonderful, unique items available for purchase. The West Palm Beach Green Market is on Saturday afternoons. If you can't go on Saturday, the Palm Beach Gardens Green Market is much smaller and on Sundays but is tons of fun too. Be sure to check online before going though, as the Green Markets are only open during tourist season (November-March typically).

Palm Beach Sandals
I won't rant... I promise, but it's so hard not to. Jack Rogers sandals are so overrated! Palm Beach Sandals is the way to go! They break in way faster than Jack Rogers and last far longer. They are handmade and 100% leather, two things that Jack Rogers cannot boast. I promise that once you go for Palm Beach Sandals, you'll never go for Jacks again.

City Girl Consignment
The mother of one of my closest friends opened this shop a few years ago and it has really taken off! If you are looking for somewhere to find "Palm Beach" style looks for a more manageable price, this is definitely the place to go! She has a whole front room full of designers like Tory Burch and J. McLaughlin and even an entire section devoted just to Lilly! City Girl is located in West Palm Beach.

Once again I hope that y'all enjoy all of these fun spots to shop!


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