Saturday, March 15, 2014

Closet Tour & Organization

I have gotten SO many requests to post photos of my bedroom and closet for y'all to see! Today I'll be showing you my closet, but posts about my bedroom and bathroom are coming soon as well. My closet has so much stuff in it, mostly because I'm the only person in my family who crafts so I have to keep all my craft supplies in there too!

I organize my coats, shirts, pants, and skirts on the left. All are color coded from darkest on the left to lightest on the right. Also, within each color, I organize from heaviest clothing on the left to lightest clothing on the right. So for example on the far left is my black clothing. From left to right I have my 3 different coats, then my puffer vest, then all my long sleeve black tops, my short sleeve black tops, then my sleeveless & strapless black tops. I like this system because it makes it easy to find something to match and also because it is organized by how heavy the garmet is, it's super easy to dress according to temperature. 

On the rack below my shirts is my skirts and pants. My skirts are separated into Lilly skirts on the right, and non-Lilly skirts on the left. Within these two sections I organize by color in the same way I do with the shirts: darkest colors on the left to the lightest colors on the right. My pants aren't separated out in any way, they are just ordered by color in the same way I do everything else.

Next is my sweaters. This is a relatively new area of my closet (I'm a Florida girl going farther North for college, so the sweater collection began not too long ago). I fold all of my sweaters, cardigans, and sweatshirts. I keep my pullovers and 1/4 zips in a separate pile that you can't see in any of these photos. I just organize the sweaters in color order as you can see in the photo!

Also, I keep all my shorts folded on the shelf too. I organize them from lightest color to darkest color as you move from top to bottom.

Next is my shoes, and it really has become quite the collection. I keep all my tall boots on top of my shoe organizer and I just keep my cowgirl boots on the ground next to it since they don't fit on top. Toward the top of the cubbies I keep the shoes I wear most - my Bonanno/Jack Rogers sandals. Then I put my nicer flats like my Tory Burch Revas and my loafers on the next row. Below that I put my Sperry's that I wear to school. Then on the bottom rows I store all of my heels and wedges. If I can stack a pair one on top of the other and fit them in one cubby I try to do that to save space, but sometimes I have to use one cubby per shoe. The cubbies are pretty large and even my tortoise shell heels that are about 5'' fit fine. The only shoes that don't fit are my ridiculously tall Michael Kors wedges, as you can see by them sticking out at the bottom.

Next to my shoe rack I keep my scarves on a metal ring. I need a better way to organize my scarves because you can't see them all or access them easily as they are here, so I am hoping to find a solution for that in the future!

Also, if you can see toward the middle of the photo, I keep my dresses organized as well. The Lilly dresses are toward the front, and the non-Lilly dresses are in the back. I organize with lightest color closest to the outside, and darker colors more toward the back. I also organized by garmet weight within each color: going from strapless, to sleeveless, to short sleeve, to long sleeve, then maxi dresses as you move farther back on the rack.

Also, I don't keep clothes that I wouldn't "wear out" in my closet. So things like tshirts, leggings, sweats, norts, and all of that fun stuff goes in my dresser which is not pictured! I also do not keep my handbags in my closet, as they are stored elsewhere in my bedroom.

I hope that y'all have enjoyed a look into my closet and maybe got some organization tips for your own along the way. 

How do you organize your closet?

As always, feel free to leave me any questions or feedback!



  1. You have the most organized closet I have ever seen! Will you come fix mine for me?

  2. Do you do garages?

    I need some help in Northfork