Friday, April 4, 2014

Five On Friday: Spring For Spring

On this fancy Friday I thought I'd share with y'all the top five reasons I love spring!


Living in Florida, spring doesn't exactly mean the same thing to me as it does many people. Temperatures don't really get warmer and plants that were once dead aren't bursting into colorful life. Despite this, I still always enjoy springtime and look forward to various things...

1. Bright Colors
I always wear exciting, bright clothing but spring gives me even more of an excuse! Bright, bold colors are the uniform of the season and I will be pulling out all of my vibrant Lilly prints for sure!

2. School Is Ending
While I love to learn, school becomes very draining {especially toward the end!} It is wonderful to know that I am almost done. No matter where you are though, everyone who is in school can relate to the joy that hits when spring arrives because you know that you don't have too much time left in the school year!

3. Spring Flings
This is the time of year when love is in the air! Right around now I always start to see more couples appearing around school and who knows what is to come this season. For those of you who are in a "spring fling" I suggest that you go on a springtime inspired date - perhaps a picnic in a garden or a brunch that gives you a reason to get dressed up {in spring colors, duh!}

4. Easter Egg Decorating
One of my favorite springtime traditions is decorating Easter eggs! I have already been collecting some ideas on my Easter Pinterest Board, but I can't wait to see how my little creations turn out.

5. It's A Fresh Start
If you live up where the leaves change, than this takes on literal meaning for you as well. However, regardless of where you call home, spring can be a time for new beginnings. In a more literal way, all of the plants start new by finally blossoming after a long winter. On a more personal level, spring is an excellent time for you to bloom personally! With summer approaching it is the perfect time to focus on improving yourself in some way. Personally, I am trying to focus on becoming more toned this spring. I already do a lot of exercising but I think it would be wonderful to train with weights a bit more and gain some strength! Whatever it may be, use spring as a time to become a better version of yourself!

Why do you love spring??


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  1. Happy Friday, Casey! I adore bright colors as well! They make any day cheerier! ;) A garden picnic sounds like perfection! It's still in the low 30's here, so I may have to settle for an indoor one for now though. ;) ... Enjoy your weekend! xo