Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Travel Purse Essentials

With my trip to Europe quickly approaching, I have started thinking about what I will be bringing along. I believe that a huge key to a successful trip {especially abroad} is a well-packed and selected purse. Depending on where you are going and what you'll be doing, you should choose your purse for the trip accordingly. But more importantly, you need to be prepared for many "what-ifs" so a well-packed purse is just as vital as the bag itself. Here's what I'll be using, and what I'll be filling it with:

The bag: I'll be using an older style Dooney & Bourke Florentine Vachetta leather satchel. You can see me carrying the bag in this post. If you're looking to purchase it, this is the newer version of the same bag. 

I chose my bag very carefully. First and foremost, due to the reality of pick pocketing over in Europe, I knew that I needed a bag that zipped entirely with no outside pockets to worry about. In addition, I knew that a backpack was a poor option because it leaves all my possessions out of my sight and more vulnerable. I decided that this satchel-style bag is best because I can carry it on my arm, or on my shoulder using the strap if I need to free my hands. That way I can keep the bag close to my body where I can make sure all of my belongings are secure. Secondly, I have owned the bag for several years and it has lasted wonderfully so I know that it will not give me any trouble. The worst is trying to deal with a malfunctioning bag while traveling. 

Another great option for traveling abroad is a crossbody bag because you can wear it on the front of your body for security but you can still be handsfree! Due to the fact that I am bringing my large nikon camera, I needed the roomier bag so a crossbody wouldn't work. However, I would highly suggest a crossbody for anyone who can fit all their essentials in it. When I lived in Spain studying abroad I used a crossbody the entire time and it was perfect. 

What I'm filling it with:
-Wet Wipes
-Safety pins
-Band aids
-Bobby Pins/Hairties/Hair Clips 
-Umbrella (small foldable)
-Tide To-Go
-Lip Balm/Stick/Gloss (whatever you prefer)
-Face Powder (to keep you looking fresh all day for all those trip photos!)
-Aleve/Imodium/Pepto (incase the walking or local foods don't agree with you) 
-Nail Clipper/File
-Mini Perfume or Deodorant (to stay fresh if you'll be away from the hotel all day) 

Now to explain all these strange items. Most of this list has been complied from experience. When I was in Spain two summers ago, I really learned how much these little essentials can go a long way to easing your trip and making you more comfortable. Sometimes it's expensive or difficult to find these essential items in a foreign country, so it's much easier to keep it with you! I suggest getting a zip-top bag to stow all your items in that won't make it through the airport security {like nail clipper and safety pins}. You can stow the bag in the front of your suitcase, and after landing just transfer to your purse! Super easy! All these items are pretty self-explanatory, but I thought I'd mention how vital I feel the nail file, nail clipper, and tweezers are. My concern is not that you may need some grooming while on the go, but rather that these items are EXTREMELY VERSATILE. You would not believe how many times I used these things while in Spain for purposes that were so strange. But most importantly, they are super small so if you never use them, they are taking up minimal space so it's not that big of a deal. It's definitely better safe than sorry with these items however! Also, some people may think it is silly to have both sanitizer and wet wipes, but it is most definitely not! Sanitizer is great for your hands, but I love having wet wipes for disinfecting less than sanitary surfaces that you may encounter {think the fold-down tray in airplane, the table area where you're eating at an outdoors restaurant, etc}. Safety pins are great for fixing little clothing issues, since you'll probably be walking around all day without time to go back to the hotel to change if you have a mishap. 

I hope that this list helps you prepare for your travel! This is what works best for me, and I think it will be great for you too. Feel free to comment and share your experiences and travel necessities, I'd love to hear it before my trip! 


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