Tuesday, January 28, 2014

An American Classic: Girl Scout Cookies

It's that time of year! I'm on my way into the grocery store, driving by the entrance of my neighborhood, and answering a doorbell... and everywhere I see cookies. The smiling and sweet faces of girl scouts are all over! Some people dread this time of year because they find it "annoying," but I truly love it! I think the idea behind it of teaching the young girls valuable lessons is very important, and on top of it all... those cookies are just soo yummy! I always try to limit myself to one box {ok, maybe two boxes} of cookies each year, but it's so hard not to resist more. I wish I could say that I had been a girl scout {I would've been such a good one!} but there wasn't a troop in my area when I was young. I still enjoyed the cookies just the same though!

                Favorite Girl Scout Cookies

I would say the "peanut butter patties" or "tagalongs" are my favorite by far, but I also always have to grab a box of samosas {for myself - love that coconut!} and a box of thin mints for my mom. Mom I know you're reading this and wondering where your box is... it's coming I swear!

Also on a side note, I wonder if they purposely start selling cookies right around the time everyone is just about out of willpower from their New Year's resolution diets? I have always made jokes about it, but if they did it that way strategically they are total marketing geniuses.

What are y'alls favorite varieties of girl scout cookies?

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  1. Samoas are my favorite! My parents always put a box in my Easter basket, so I try not to eat too many with the exception of that box!