Wednesday, January 1, 2014

14 Reasons To Love 2014

Happy New Year! I hope your celebrations last night were filled with lots of loved ones, sparkle, and yummy treats! In honor of 2014, here is 14 reasons that I LOVE the new year!

1. It's the year I graduate!
I'm sad to leave the school that I've been at for 14 years, but I'm definitely looking forward to the change.
2. I celebrate the big 1-8!
Although I'm not interested in any of the perks you gain from being 18, I always love a good birthday.
3. I get to decorate a dorm!
I feel like I've been planning my dorm since I was literally a freshman, but actually putting it all together and living in it will be an entirely different adventure.
4. It's a fresh start.
I know this is said so often, but I find it very refreshing. I always say that New Years is my favorite holiday, and it's so true. I love looking back at the year complete and thinking about all that I accomplished. Now there's a whole year ahead, a clean slate, and I can choose to fill it with anything!
5. Anything is possible.
If you have read my post about changing your life you know how I feel about new beginnings. There truly are endless possibilities. You could end 2014 a completely different person, with different goals, friends, and reputation... it's all up to you!
6. New Gadgets
Every year new things are invented. Last year the fab emijay hair ties that don't crease your hair came to popular use.. and made my life way better. Also, even though snapchat was invented in 2011 it became so popular this year! Without all the fun new things 2013 would have been pretty boring, and I can't wait to see what 2014 has in store.
7. Winter Clothes?
In 2014 I'll be heading to college, most likely in either South Carolina or Alabama, so this Florida girl will have to experience her first REAL winter! I'm gonna start hoarding vests and I already accumulated way too many different colors of jeans. But in reality I'm excited to see what this whole "winter" thing is about! Ha! But mostly I'm excited to put together cold-weather outfits.
8. My Netflix Addiction Will Likely Continue
I am currently obsessed with Grey's Anatomy. Last year, I watched the episodes of Gossip Girl that I missed while it was on tv. It's pretty safe to say that I'll probably become addicted to another series on Netflix in the new year, and I'm already excited to see what it is!
9. I Didn't Make Resolutions
Because not one of my new year resolutions has ever been successful, this year I didn't make one at all! I'm actually excited about it and find it somewhat good that looking back on 2013, I wouldn't have done anything different. My only hope for 2014 is that I can be proud of everything I did during the year.
10. I Survived Last Year
Last year came along with a lot of struggles, heartache, and frustration. But the good thing is that I'm here, and you're here! Whatever things happened in 2013, they're over. Most importantly, we got through it. 
11. You Can Put Sparkles and Monograms On More Stuff
Seriously, when I think about how many things I glittered and monogrammed in 2013 I truly wonder how boring life would be if I hadn't. Here's to a new year full of more realistically unnecessary yet so necessary enhancements like glitter and monograms. 
12. New Friends
When I look back on 2013, I entered the year with many different friends than I just ended it with. I'm optimistic and excited about the new people I'll meet and become close with in 2014. Especially because I will be heading off to college, I'm sure that many new relationships are to be formed!
13. New Experiences
I know that this one is obvious too, but I felt that it needed to be said. There is so much ahead of us, we have no need to worry! Amazing things that will make us smile, laugh, and cry too. But that's what so great about a new year, we don't know what ahead but we know that it's still going to be great!
14. More Blog Posts!
Another year means 52 weeks full of new Little Miss Florida Prep Posts!

Hope your 2014 is filled with all things sparkly and wonderful!

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