Sunday, January 19, 2014

DIY Pom Pom Sweater

I have been obsessing lately over "pom-pom-ing" just about everything! I saw the J. Crew factory pom pom sweater a few months ago and totally fell in love, but I was not a fan of the price tag. Plus, I love things to be colorful, so I wanted my pom pom sweater to be a bright color! So, today I am sharing how I made my very own pom pom sweater!

I grabbed the yellow sweater from Old Navy when they had a $10 sweater sale, and got the white pom poms from JoAnn Fabrics for $3. Then about an hour of love and voila! 

What You'll Need:

Sweater (Any kind will work!)
1 package of pom poms (I used 1/2 inch size)
Needle and thread
Sharpie marker

How To Do It:
1. Start out by laying out your sweater flat and placing the pom poms the way you want them to be once completed. You can use some sort of a measuring system to make them all a uniform pattern if you'd like, but I just placed them by sight. 

2. Use your sharpie to make a small dot where you placed each pom pom.

3. Thread your needle and begin sewing on the pom poms in the places indicated by the dots. You'll want to sew on the poms by holding it on the inside of the sweater and stitching it from the inside. 

4. Repeat step #3 until you've sewed on all of the pom poms!

And then, it will turn out something like this:

 Here's how I styled my pom pom sweater, with my navy puffer vest from Crystal Faye.

Hope y'all love the pom pom sweater and have lots of fun making one for yourselves!

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